Salesforce Tip of the Week: Quick Create Side Bar Featur

Salesforce is a very robust platform which provides the framework for a sales, marketing or service department. The system is specifically designed to be highly customizable allowing developers to build solutions and products that specifically meet a specific need. With plus there is usually a minus, it is for this very reason that the system is also complex and heavily nuanced.  We are dedicated to releasing one tip a week to help share our knowledge of common "gotchas" with the Salesforce Platform.

Tip #1

Quick Create Side Bar Feature

A question that came up this week is how are my sales reps getting around the required fields when creating new Leads and Contacts in the system?

The Quick Create feature is automatically enabled as a side bar component when you first gain access to your Salesforce system. Typically one of the first things you do is create custom fields to capture the necessary data for your records (in this case Leads and Contacts) and then adjust the page layout appropriately. On the page layout you can set certain field to be required. This will only prevent users from creating records without the required fields filled out when creating records from the standard entry screens. They can get around this by using  Quick Create which only displays a few standard fields and does not require more than Last Name (and Company on Leads) to be filled out.

To disable the Quick Create feature, you must do so globally in the back end. Select Setup | Customize | User Interface | Deselect Show Quick Create | Then Click Save.

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