Salesforce Tip of The Week: Communities Chatter

Salesforce is a very robust platform which provides the framework for a sales, marketing or service department. The system is specifically designed to be highly customizable allowing developers to build solutions and products that specifically meet a specific need. With every plus there is usually a minus, it is for this very reason that the system is also complex and heavily nuanced.  We are dedicated to releasing one tip a week to help share our knowledge of common "gotchas" with the Salesforce Platform.

Tip #4

Using Chatter in Communities


I have Partner Users and Internal Users. Our Internal Users are able to see the chatter from the Partners that is directed "@" them; however, when they try to comment back they are unable to "@" mention the Partner User. How can they collaborate via Chatter?


Communities is an amazing new tool which allows Partners, Customers and Internal Users to collaborate together not only on records but via Chatter. Since Partner and Customer Users are not full Salesforce licenses, Internal Users will not be able to follow them or "@" mention them from the Internal Salesforce interface. Instead they will need to navigate to the Community that the outside user belongs to in order to collaborate effectively.  To do this use the drop down in the top right black bar) of the screen and select the correct Community from the list, navigate to the Chatter tab and post comment from there.


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