Grace Klingensmith

Managing Partner, Implementation & Consulting

Technology enthusiast and VennScience co-founder, Grace is a New Hampshire native with a passion for design (it doesn't matter whether it's user interface or interior, she's got an eye). She graduated from the University of New Hampshire.

When she's not writing about herself in the third person, Grace enjoys camping and hiking with her four small dogs. Do not confuse her with the crazy dog lady!


Mike McCann

Managing Partner, Business Development

Prior to co-founding VennScience, Mike worked for a implementation firm in Portsmouth and an infrastructure redevelopment company in Baghdad. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

Off hours, you can find him stubbornly working on his golf game, battling the New York Times crossword puzzle, or sampling the best craft brews in town. As a devout generalist, he finds just about everything interesting...