The State of the Energy & Utilities Industry

Our depth of experience delivering custom Salesforce solutions makes us uniquely qualified to help energy and utilities companies overcome industry challenges.

Consistent Customer Engagement

With so many disparate applications to manage consumer interactions, companies in the energy and utilities sector have struggled to make real human connections with their customers. Recent technological developments have enabled companies to develop an omni-channel approach to customer engagement, leading to more meaningful interactions and increased consumer satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Today’s energy and utilities customers are tech-savvy and well-connected, and expect their providers to be, too. From IoT-connected field service devices to smart-home technology, energy and utilities companies are always on the lookout for ways to delight consumers and out-innovate the competition.

The End of Commodities

Energy commodities such as crude oil and coal are becoming obsolete, with natural resources such as wind and solar quickly outpacing them. In order to remain competitive in this shifting landscape, energy companies must learn to pivot and explore new opportunities.

Discover the Power of Salesforce for Energy & Utilities

As disruptive technologies and a newfound focus on customer engagement reshape the landscape of the energy and utilities sector, the motto is “adapt or die.”Salesforce’s extensive collection of cloud-based solutions can provide you with the data-driven insights you need to keep up with industry trends and form more meaningful relationships with customers.

  • Foster 1-to-1 customer relationships. Leverage an entire suite of intelligent marketing tools designed to customize to B2C marketing experience and deliver personalized marketing materials that make each customer feel like your only customer.
  • Reduce operational complexity. Automate complex business processes with workflow rules in Salesforce Lightning’s Process Builder to cut down on operational inefficiencies and boost productivity.
  • Collect and analyze data in real time. Leverage Salesforce IoT to route data generated by a network of connected devices directly into your Salesforce instance, so you can better understand your customers, deliver more targeted marketing campaigns, and make more strategic business decisions.

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Energy and utilities companies are under mounting pressures from multiple angles: changing industry regulations, climate change and environmental concerns, disruptive technology, increasing customer expectations, the need to ensure consistent asset performance — the list goes on. To keep up with these rising demands, businesses need to future-proof their processes, make their people more productive, and deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.

VennScience harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform to give your business the upper hand on this new playing field. Our broad array of services — including strategy and design and ongoing managed services — and industry-specific expertise make us well-positioned to create custom Salesforce solutions that will prepare you for the journey ahead.

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