The State of the Retail Industry
More Ways to Shop

From mobile devices to desktop computers, consumers are more tech-savvy and have more ways to shop than ever before. The one thing that has remained consistent, however, is consumer expectations: Consumers demand the same level of customer service whether they’re in-store or online. These high expectations have inspired retailers to embrace innovative, data-driven solutions for true omni-channel retailing.

Prioritize Experience

Today’s consumer wants more than just a transaction — they want a tailor-made experience. And the numbers don’t lie: 73 percent of consumers rank customer experience as one of the most significant factors in making a purchasing decision, according to PwC. This means retailers must leverage shopper data to create highly personalized, unique customer experiences that carry over across multiple retail channels.

Stay Relevant

Generalized marketing campaigns are tired and run-of-the-mill. Consumers want to engage with marketing materials that are attuned to their shopping preferences, such as discount codes for their favorite products or inventory updates when sold-out items in their shopping cart are back in-stock. This relevant messaging, delivered at every stage of the buyer journey, is the key to driving long-term customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

Discover the Power of Salesforce Retail CRM

Once upon a time, the retail shopping experience consisted of driving to the nearest mall or boutique store and wandering down aisles, digging through bins, or browsing through clothing racks, all in search of finding the perfect item.

These days, consumers can still enjoy the thrill of finding the perfect item but from the comfort of their own home in an experience that is both convenient and immersive. Salesforce’s Retail CRM enables retailers around the world to seize the opportunities that modern technology, such as data analytics, presents.

With Salesforce’s Retail CRM, you can:

  • Develop personalized marketing campaigns. Salesforce’s Personalize Shopper Marketing solutions enables you to develop targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to each individual customer’s interests by leveraging consumer data and advanced analytics. By creating more engaging marketing materials and fine-tuning customer interactions, you can increase satisfaction through the customer lifecycle.
  • Build service into every stage of the customer journey. The Deliver Any Channel Service gives your customers the power to resolve issues on their own terms and through their medium of choice. Customers can interact with service representatives in real-time via Salesforce’s live chat software, and can perform self-service using dynamic applications from AppExchange for faster case resolution.
  • Find the right customer in the right place at the right time. Advertising Studio from Marketing Cloud offers data-driven customer segmentation capabilities and enables you to monitor customer campaigns across multiple channels and platforms, including social media and ad ecosystems.
  • Streamline customer service across retail channels. Personalize customer interactions, automate essential processes and workflows for customer service, and tailor your marketing efforts with Service Cloud.
  • Create a unified eCommerce experience. Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s data integration and omni-channel order management functionality helps you create a cohesive shopping experience for B2B and B2C customers across channels and devices.

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With so many channels through which to promote and sell products, and competitors to go toe-to-toe with, it can be difficult for retailers to gain significant market share.

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