The State of the Technology Industry
Innovation Can Come From Anywhere

The most brilliant of ideas can come from the most unexpected sources. To that end, it’s in high-tech firms’ best interest to crowdsource innovation in the form of customer feedback on products and services in order to gain a better understanding of exactly what it is their customers are looking for, accelerate product development, and instill a culture of innovation within their organizations.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Depending on which study you refer to, it can be anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive to bring in a new customer than to keep an existing one. Customer churn can pose a serious threat to a tech company’s bottom line, so it’s imperative that they provide stellar customer service and invest in techniques to minimize churn, such as automating renewal and developing personalized marketing campaigns.

Get a Complete View of the Customer

By now, most tech industry decision-makers are familiar with the term “360-degree customer view” — but just because it’s common knowledge doesn’t mean it’s any less relevant now than when it first entered the lexicon. A complete, detailed history of a customer’s every purchase, preference, download, and customer service interaction is an asset for tech companies because it allows for better forecasting and more targeted selling.

Discover the Power of Salesforce for Technology

It only makes sense that tech companies are getting in on digital transformation in a big way, given that many of them are responsible for crafting the software and solutions that make digital transformation possible in the first place. To truly achieve that transformation and maintain a competitive edge, high-tech firms need to remain apprised of ever-changing customers demands, run tightly integrated systems, and streamline the sales process to expedite growth.

Salesforce’s array of solutions enable tech companies to adapt to change, increase system agility, better understand their customers, and empower their sales teams.

  • Bring out the best in your sales representatives. With the High Velocity Sales solution, reps can create their own work queues for the day, save time looking up numbers with the built-in click-to-call functionality, see which leads are most likely to convert and why with Einstein Lead Scoring, and monitor their growth over time.
  • Work smarter with artificial intelligence. With automated data entry, intelligent lead scoring, predictive analytics, and built-in AI functionality, Sales Cloud Einstein enables companies in the tech industry to see which sales tactics are working and which ones aren’t, which leads are the right leads, and how they can save time with automation.
  • Establish a culture of collaboration. Break down silos between roles, departments, and locations and encourage open communication and knowledge sharing between your employees by building a forum with Chatter.
  • Drive revenue growth throughout the customer lifecycle. Salesforce CPQ — short for “Configure, Price, and Quote” — gives sales teams the ability to quickly configure products, price orders, and generate quotes to move leads through the sales pipeline more efficiently. CPQ’s guided selling feature also provides reps with data-driven insights, so they offer the right products and services to the right customers.

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Discovering the power of Salesforce is the first step to edging out the competition and achieving long-term success; the next is to partner with VennScience to push your Salesforce implementation to its fullest potential.

Each member of our expert team of technologists, strategists, and consultants boasts years of experience building custom, industry-specific Salesforce solutions. We have the bonafides to help tech companies gain a complete understanding of their customer base, reduce operational complexity, embrace industry trends, and discover growth opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most common business challenges that successful companies have solved with Salesforce?

Many tech firms have successfully used Salesforce to optimize the flow of leads from marketing to their sales department, to provide top-notch customer service, and to gain a 360-degree view of their customers for upselling and cross-selling purposes.

When should I consider integrating data sourced from my product into my Salesforce CRM?

The short answer is only when it’s necessary. Simply put, Salesforce shouldn’t be in your data warehouse. Some examples we’ve come across include clients who’ve done their billing out of Salesforce and rely on customer usage data, and clients whose marketing team relies on app data to curate campaign lists.

We’re a tech company — why shouldn’t we just let one of our product owners implement Salesforce?

Although your team is probably capable of configuring any application they set their mind to learning, would that really be the best use of internal company mindshare? After all, outpacing the competition with product innovation and a faster time-to-market will set your product apart. Let our team of experts handle your Salesforce needs, so you can focus on more important things.

Can we flip the script and use Salesforce as a channel to distribute our application to our customers?

Yes — and that’s a challenge we’d love to help you tackle. If you’re a B2B company, chances are many of your customers use Salesforce internally and would appreciate the ability to run your product offerings natively in their CRMs. We can put together a team to make that vision a reality.

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If you’re looking to partner with a full-service Salesforce consultancy that possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to see your Salesforce project from start to finish, look no further — VennScience has you covered. We’re here to help.


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