Discover the Value of an Experienced Salesforce Partner

Although it’s possible to complete a Lightning migration utilizing only your business’ internal resources, a Lightning configuration is highly complex — without the assistance of a qualified Salesforce partner, you could miss out on key features and capabilities. By partnering with a consulting firm, you’ll gain the expertise and perspective necessary to execute your vision, drive efficiency, and make an excellent first impression on end users.

The VennScience Advantage

At VennScience, we believe in meeting every challenge head-on. That’s why, when other Salesforce partners were still debating the merits of Lightning, we rolled up our figurative sleeves and got to work familiarizing ourselves with the platform. Now, over two years later, we’re one of the most experienced Lightning shops in the industry. With a portfolio of custom component templates, a deep bench of Lightning developers, and extensive experience providing Lightning configurations, we’re uniquely positioned to help our clients develop and execute a project plan for a seamless Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration.

Is Your Business Ready for Lightning UX?

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Our Process

We provide a wide range of services to guide your organization through every stage of a Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration.


Once you’ve completed your initial Salesforce Lightning Readiness Check, we’ll work closely with your team to better understand their workflows, requirements, and how they use Salesforce to help us determine which Classic functionalities we’ll need to convert to ensure total Lightning compatibility.


Next, we’ll develop a comprehensive configuration roadmap to provide a definitive timeline, clearly outline project objectives and deliverables, and develop testing, change management, and communication strategies, so you know what to expect at every step of the journey.


Once we have a project roadmap in place, we’ll get to work developing custom components and converting Classic functions such as hard-coded URLs, JavaScript buttons, and third-party applications to be Lightning-compatible. We’ll also help you set up a sandbox environment to safely test new features and identify potential issues prior to go-live.


To prepare your team for go-live, we’ll create custom training materials and a communication strategy to ensure seamless organizational change. Post-go-live, we’ll continue to assist in executing your vision by providing ongoing managed services and support.