A Winning Combination

Software as a service is a fast-moving, extremely competitive, high-growth industry that generally rewards companies that are fast-to-market. As a result, technology is critical to support success and scale. But let’s face it: With so much at stake, you don’t have the time to sort through multiple systems in order to get the job done. Consider Salesforce your one-stop CRM shop for all things SaaS, and VennScience your key to unlocking its potential. We know your industry, and we can help you navigate it — that’s what makes VennScience and Salesforce a winning combination.

The Scalability to Support Rapid Growth

Designed to handle millions of users, Salesforce has the power to grow along with your business.

A Single Source for Everything

Save time and money with a single platform for all of your business needs.

A Best of Breed Platform

Be a model of your industry by working with only the best.

Established, Documented APIs

Integrate your products and services with Salesforce for more granular insights.

Support rapid growth. CRM for SaaS

The Scalability to Support Rapid Growth

With revenue projected to reach $113.1 billion by 2021, the global SaaS market is growing, fast — and so is your business. Your products and services need to scale at a rapid rate to accommodate the influx of new users that result from this unprecedented growth. Fortunately, Salesforce is really, really good at scaling.

With powerful, built-in tools such as a process builder, flows, workflow rules, and more, Salesforce’s scalability makes it the ideal CRM for SaaS startups and established players alike.

A Single Source for Everything

There’s nothing worse than having to comb through multiple systems for a single piece of data, especially when time is of the essence. That’s why Salesforce offers multiple products and solutions, all within a single, easy-to-use platform. From sales to marketing to engagement, Salesforce CRM is the only platform your business will ever need.

For SaaS companies looking to go the extra mile, Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of third-party app integrations to tailor your CRM implementation to your exact specifications.

CRM for SaaS. Single source for everything

A Best of Breed Platform

How can you run a leading SaaS company if you aren’t using the leading CRM for SaaS businesses? Salesforce is consistently ranked as the best CRM software in the world, let alone in the SaaS industry, making it the obvious choice for any SaaS company looking to establish itself as a model of the industry.

Don’t get left behind — lead the pack with Salesforce.

Established, Documented APIs

We often hear from our SaaS clients that they want to integrate their products and services with Salesforce in order to gain greater insight into customer data. The good — no, great — news is that Salesforce offers a series of application programming interfaces designed to do exactly that.

From REST API to SOAP API, VennScience can help you use Salesforce’s catalog of APIs to integrate your offerings and turn your vision into a reality.

CRM for SaaS. Established documented APIs
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most common business challenges that successful companies have solved with Salesforce?

Many tech firms have successfully used Salesforce to optimize the flow of leads from marketing to their sales department, to provide top-notch customer service, and to gain a 360-degree view of their customers for upselling and cross-selling purposes.

When should I consider integrating data sourced from my product into my Salesforce CRM?

The short answer is only when it’s necessary. Simply put, Salesforce shouldn’t be in your data warehouse. Some examples we’ve come across include clients who’ve done their billing out of Salesforce and rely on customer usage data, and clients whose marketing team relies on app data to curate campaign lists.

Can we flip the script and use Salesforce as a channel to distribute our application to our customers?

Yes — and that’s a challenge we’d love to help you tackle. If you’re a B2B company, chances are many of your customers use Salesforce internally and would appreciate the ability to run your product offerings natively in their CRMs. We can put together a team to make that vision a reality.

We’re a SaaS company — why shouldn’t we just let one of our product owners implement Salesforce?

Although your team is probably capable of configuring any application they set their mind to learning, would that really be the best use of internal company mindshare? After all, outpacing the competition with product innovation and a faster time-to-market will set your product apart. Let our team of experts handle your Salesforce needs, so you can focus on more important things.

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If you’re looking to partner with a full-service Salesforce consultancy that possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to see your Salesforce CRM for SaaS project from start to finish, look no further — VennScience has you covered. We’re here to help.

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