Salesforce Solutions That Grow with Your Business.

Every SaaS company sets out with the intention of attracting the business of other enterprise-level companies or organizations. It’s an achievable goal, but one that requires a compelling product, a great deal of hard work, a winning business strategy, and different forms of support on the way to SaaS maturity.

Let VennScience design and develop a scalable Salesforce architecture for your SaaS company that not only meets your immediate needs but will also grow along with your business and provide invaluable support at every stage of your journey from seed to exit.

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Find Your Place on the SaaS Growth Continuum.

Every SaaS company falls somewhere on the SaaS growth continuum. Perhaps your company is early on its growth trajectory, and you’re in the process of building out your customer base; perhaps your company has already reached enterprise-level and you’re planning to execute on your exit strategy. Whatever your present or future needs are, VennScience is here to help.

Break Down Barriers to Growth.

No matter where your company falls on the SaaS growth continuum, it isn’t too early to start planning for the future, or too late to go back to basics. Whether you’re in the startup stage or planning your IPO, there’s no challenge too large or too small for VennScience to handle — we’re here to break down barriers to growth.

Do you need to accelerate your demand and lead generation functions?

VennScience can integrate your Salesforce instance with the best-of-breed, top-of-funnel tools, including Outreach and SalesLoft.

Does your Salesforce instance need to sustain a high growth rate of users and teams?

VennScience can make sure your Salesforce instance is well-designed, well-documented, and intuitive for easy onboarding. This will help your new hires become productive faster.

Do you need to acquire more customers?

VennScience can set up enterprise-grade inbound and outbound marketing platforms for your BDRs and marketers.

Do you need to implement a process for monitoring SaaS KPIs and metrics?

VennScience can set up declarative and programmatic automation so you can track KPIs and metrics in real time. We’ll also integrate your product with Salesforce, so you can generate up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting.

Do you need your customer service team to handle more inbound cases?

VennScience can set up chatbot automation, as well as create a knowledge base and customer-to-customer forum environments, so your customer service team can focus on critical issues and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Do you need to sync trial and demo requests into the proper sales channels and forecasts?

VennScience offers an accelerator that automatically syncs trial and demo data from your marketing automation tool to Salesforce.

Do you need to solve complex issues with forecasting, quota attainment, and commissioning?

VennScience can integrate your Salesforce instance with the leading forecasting tools on the market, such as InsightSquared and Clari, so you can grow your sales team across your organization.

Do you need to create a self-service portal for your customers?

VennScience can build a custom business portal that will enable your customers to complete self-service checkout, view the progress of their implementation, access billing data and past invoices, and more.

Do you need to stand up a partner channel to expand your sales footprint?

VennScience can develop a new partner channel program or review and augment your existing program, as well as create an enterprise-grade portal that will wow current and future partner channel members.

Do you need to automate your deprovisioning process?

VennScience can integrate your product with Salesforce so that you can automate the deprovisioning process and get real-time reporting on things like customer churn, so all of your dashboards and forecasts are up to date.

Do you need to meet mandated reporting requirements, as defined by your board or operating partners?

VennScience can set up a revenue and metric reporting and process structure for you. Our SaaS industry experience means we know exactly what private equity firms are looking for.

Do you need to consolidate a company that you’ve recently acquired into you Salesforce org?

VennScience can create a playbook and a standardized process for integrating new acquisitions into your core business.

Do you need to sync usage data to your Salesforce instance?

VennScience can integrate your core product with Salesforce so that all usage data is synced into Salesforce through an enterprise-grade integration solution that normalizes the data in a staging environment such as Heroku.

Do you need to comply with regulations that apply to publicly traded companies?

VennScience can build an enterprise user security structure that restricts internal data access to authorized individuals. Whether you’re concerned about SOC and GDPR or more industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA and SOX, we’ve got you covered.

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Ideal for Private Equity Firms.

We’ve worked with our fair share of private equity firms, so we know firsthand the challenges that operating partners face, which is why VennScience offers a pre-built package for current and future portfolio companies. Consider us your one-stop shop for ensuring that your critical business infrastructure on Salesforce is expertly managed from acquisition to exit.

A Dedicated Salesforce Partner for Every Step of Your Journey.

The traditional Salesforce consulting model is inefficient and out of touch with the realities of the SaaS industry.

That’s why we’ve developed our own unique approach — one that eschews the start/stop nature of fixed-price projects and emphasizes strategic thinking in a way that staff augmentation and managed services doesn’t.

CRM for SaaS. Single source for everything

Called the VennScientific Method, it consists of two pillars:

Sustainable Innovation Model

Our Sustainable Innovation Model (SIM) makes us an embedded, operational part of your team, which enables us to drive continuous innovation. Based on the information we gather, we’ll craft a winning strategy and apply it to each repeating release cycle, so you can achieve your goals, take advantage of the latest industry trends, and outmaneuver the competition.

VennScience Development Lifecycle

The VennScience Development Lifecycle (VDLC) guarantees enterprise-grade releases by taking each release through multiple rounds of testing and refinement so that everything is in working order before we push it to production. Once the entire process, from kick-off to go-live, is complete, we’ll focus on the prioritized initiative(s) that will take your business to the next stage of your digital transformation journey.

 A Proven Track Record of Success.

“The VennScience crew have been our trusted Salesforce partner for a couple of years now. Their unique approach helps our team drive continuous innovation on the Salesforce platform, while providing the governance and strategy that is expected to our executive team and operating partner. We’re very fortunate to have them by our side.”

Tim Brown
Chief Corporate Development Officer, Motus

Get Things Right — the First Time

In an ideal world, VennScience would be with you from day one, able to plan for your needs and build a roadmap for your company as it grows. Unfortunately, the reality is that many of our SaaS clients come to us after a failed project or an unsuccessful CRM initiative.

If either of those experiences sound familiar to you, we’re here to tell you that not all hope is lost: Once we right the ship and get your Salesforce investment back on track, we’ll focus on the future by showing you how your company can embrace the truly transformational nature of Salesforce in order to grow your SaaS business. Best of all, we’ll get it right the first time, so you’ll never have to worry about falling behind on your growth trajectory again.

Grow Your Business
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