An Extension of Your Team

Your Salesforce journey doesn’t end at go-live, so why should your support services? With so many moving parts and pieces to account for, it can be a challenge to ensure that all of your platforms and services operate at optimal levels.

Consider VennScience an extension of your team. Our dedicated support professionals have the practical knowledge and hands-on expertise to quickly resolve technical issues, conceive of creative ways to overcome roadblocks, and better position your organization so you can focus on meeting business objectives. Our enablement services are specially designed to ensure your long-term success.

Best of all? We’re just an email, text message, or phone call away.

Here for the Long Haul
There When You Need Us

Whether you’re about to start a new project or just need a second opinion, expert support is just a phone call away.

Protect Your Investment

Even the most seasoned Salesforce administrators make mistakes — we’re here to ensure that those mistakes don’t cause disruptions in your business.

The Perfect Copilot

As the copilot on your Salesforce journey, it’s our mission to keep you on course and your destination in focus.

Scale Your Team

Whether you need our assistance for an hour, a day, or a year, we’re always here to augment your technology team.

There when you need us

There When You Need Us

No two projects are made alike; some are small and can be managed in-house, while others are significantly larger in scale and require third-party resources and expertise. Although we believe in setting our clients up to succeed by providing with the tools and best practices they need to maximize their Salesforce instance, if you need a second opinion, a helping hand, or are about to embark on a new Salesforce journey, we’re always ready to step in with expert support and supplementary resources.

Protect Your Investment

Disruptions to your key systems are productivity killers, jeopardizing business-critical operations and preventing end users from completing essential work. Outdated software systems also pose a serious problem because they contribute to organizational inefficiencies and inaccurate data.

We’re here to help your team navigate everything from minor tweaks to major updates, all while guaranteeing business continuity. Our proactive approach to managed services ensures that your Salesforce systems always run as intended, and that you get the greatest possible return on your investment.

Protect investment

The Perfect Copilot

Like a good copilot, we’re here to provide you with driving directions for your Salesforce instance. That means we’ll always be in the figurative passenger seat, ready to act as a sounding board for new ideas, to provide guidance for new projects, to keep current projects in scope, and to help you out of a tough situation should you ever find yourself in over your head.

Scale Your Team

Some projects are a bigger undertaking than others, and some might exceed your in-house technology team’s capabilities. As your second line of defense for all things Salesforce, we’re happy to let you take the lead — but we’ll be ready to step in and supplement your team, should you need us. If you encounter any challenge that’s too big to take on singlehandedly, that’s beyond your administrator’s skillset, or that your administrator simply doesn’t have the time to handle, just give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum commitment to work with your team?

No — you can use us as much or as little as you need. We’re here to help, no matter how big or small the task.

I already have an in-house administrator. Should I still consider managed services?

Yes; in fact, most of our clients have experienced administrators on their team. We handle more complex work and will work jointly with your in-house staff to keep your vision on track.

I have Salesforce’s Premiere Success Plan. Should I still consider managed services?

Yes; many of our clients have Premiere Success Plans. There’s a time and place for low-cost, break/fix solutions. That said, our clients enjoy the piece of mind of knowing that we’re there when they need us to provide expert guidance, both within the context of their organization and in the same timezone.

Who will be my point of contact for work requests?

One of our delivery team members will be responsible for managing your account; this includes ensuring that your organization is taken into consideration when our team evaluates ways to improve our clients’ Salesforce experiences.

It All Starts
With a Conversation

If you’re looking to partner with a full-service Salesforce consultancy that possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to see your Salesforce CRM implementation from start to finish, look no further — VennScience has you covered. We’re here to help.

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