Building a Roadmap for the Future

Every Salesforce project, no matter how minimal or extensive, has to start somewhere — but figuring out where to begin can be a challenge.

We’re in the business of creating custom Salesforce design strategies to help you get — and stay — on track. From defining project objectives to reviewing business processes to creating iterative wireframes and mockups, VennScience can demonstrate your vision prior to building it. Our design phase project approach will enable you to push internal buy-in, establish a timeline and create a budget for your project, protect proprietary systems, adapt to trends in your industry, ensure user adoption, and more.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a roadmap to success that’s tailor-made to help you achieve your large-scale business goals. Be the beneficiary of our desire to delight.

Keys to Defining Your Vision
Reach New Heights

Every one of our strategy and design projects is carefully orchestrated to help you achieve current business goals while laying the groundwork for the future.

Business Made Simple

Our eagle-eyed strategists are always on the lookout for ways to simplify your business processes, so you can focus on what’s really important.

The Art of the Possible

We combine visionary thinking and an iterative approach to develop a practical strategy that will enable you to take advantage of all that Salesforce has to offer.

A Team Effort

We believe close collaboration is the key to designing state-of-the-art systems that truly speak to your end users at every level of business.

reach new heights

Reach New Heights

Your business is constantly growing and evolving. Shouldn’t your Salesforce strategy grow and evolve, too?

We certainly think so; that’s why we take a forward-thinking approach to every one of our strategy and design projects. We’ll strategize around your current business processes, challenges, and objectives, all while building a reliable foundation for your future with architecture that is agile and scalable enough to grow along with you.

Business Made Simple

Your business is growing rapidly, and each day is more hectic than the last — with so much on your plate, you don’t have time to get lost in the minutiae of managing your Salesforce deployment. That’s where we come in. Our team of technologists and consultants are adept at finding ways to maximize your Salesforce systems, accelerate growth, and reduce operational complexity, so you can dedicate your attention to delighting customers and delivering results.

made simple
the art of the possible

The Art of the Possible

You might be familiar with the phrase “art of the possible,” but what does it mean to VennScience?

We believe the art of the possible is all about sustainable innovation. We don’t just see the big picture — we see each step along the way that we’ll take to get you there. That means using our iterative approach to implementation to break each project into multiple build phases, so we can give each functional area the attention it deserves.

A Team Effort

Your Salesforce systems don’t exist in a vacuum; they’re seen and used by hundreds of people (if not more) every day. That’s why creating a blueprint and constructing architecture for your Salesforce instance needs to be a group effort. We’ll start your strategy and design project by interviewing your stakeholders, administrators, end users, and IT team to get a feel for how your systems are used, and who uses them. We’ll leverage this information to help you define your vision and to demonstrate how this project can — and will — transform your business.

team effort
Frequently Asked Questions
When does it make sense to start a design phase project rather than an implementation project?

Projects with incomplete requirements, unknown strategies, and ill-defined goals are unlikely to succeed without engaging all project stakeholders in design and strategy. On our end, starting with design enables us to right-size the project approach before we start to build.

Why should I work with a Salesforce consultancy to define a roadmap for my project?

We take into account your needs and pains, as well as our ideas and experiences. Coupled with Salesforce best practices, this insight enables us to deliver a custom strategy that will delight your stakeholders.

Who, from my team, should participate in a strategy and design project?

We recommend that you involve at least one member of your team to represent each of your constituent personas. That means we want to hear from your executives, middle management, end users, and administrators across all lines of business who rely on Salesforce in some way.

What are the artifacts that come out of a strategy and design engagement?

This varies by project but typically includes items such as constituent persona summaries, business process mapping, data schedules, entity relationship diagrams, mock-ups, wireframes, implementation plans, feature matrices, and timeline and budget expectations. You get the picture — we’ve very thorough.

It All Starts
With a Conversation

If you’re looking to partner with a full-service Salesforce consultancy that possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to see your Salesforce CRM implementation from start to finish, look no further — VennScience has you covered. We’re here to help.

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